When Weddings Attack

Anyone who has gotten married, been in the bridal party or attended this ceremony has seen a special day disaster at least once.bride-brain While others may not consider these surprises to be major disasters, the bride probably does. Then there are folks that contend short of not surviving it there are no wedding disasters.


A friend who owns two hair salons, has had occasion to prepare entire bridal parties on their big day. If the bride was bemoaning the rainy weather, she would always say her own failed marriage took place on a bright sunny day — the implication being that the rain should be the brides sign of lasting love. Watching those blooper television shows, we know that pratfalls, fainting, and all varieties of blunders are hilarious with time. In fact, if the newlyweds have an appreciation for serendipity, they’re funny the moment they occur.



Wedding-2When the bride receives her engagement ring, she immediately sets about planning her big day with three-ring binders, a nuptial progress blog, graphs, flow charts, lists — in short, she prepares the details as if it were a CIA covert op. Certainly half the fun is in the planning, but a lack of flexibility can ruin the day. That special day is supposed to be a solemn declaration of love and devotion for sure, but brides don’t go through all that planning to have themselves, the groom and the guests have a BAD time.



The best advice for a bride-to-be is count on the fact that some things will not happen according to your check list. The caterer may be late and bring lasagna instead of beef tips. The flower girl may become frightened half way down the isle and flee, flower petals flying. Or, Uncle Joe might fall into the cake during his signature drunken dance move. But isn’t that the best part of life?  Unplanned kisses and Surprise winks are the things we remember with a joy.

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Our Maker has a wry sense of humor. As we move through life, we begin to get the joke, wedding mishaps included. Embrace the foibles, wear your special day like a loose garment, and be sure to capture it in pictures.